Mum vs Nursery Visits

The Truth of Our Nursery Visit With Arran

So we had Arran’s first nursery visit as a family last week. What a lovely environment for the children. We felt welcomed when we came in and the staff were friendly. The nursery screamed fun and vibrant. Everyone including the staff were busy. So much laughter. Which I love! As much as I want Arran to grow there educationally. I want him to develop physically, emotionally and mindfully. It really put us at ease to see how this nursery’s cogs turned.

I work in the education sector and I must say having the “shoe on the other foot” is rather difficult. It used to be very easy for me to say to a parent “don’t worry they will be fine and we will contact you if they aren’t settling”… well I must say that is correct but I certainly don’t get any comfort in that as a parent now. I will say this. There is nothing anyone can say to get rid or put you at ease, of that anxiety, guilt, sadness and general over worrying that you have. I actually had mum guilt and I hadn’t even left him on his own there yet.

We filled out some paper work, chatted to the girls who work in he baby room. I just loved seeing the relationships/bonds that they have with the children. The staff explained the routines in the room but reassured me they will follow the home routine to try and make it as normal as possible for Arran. ūüėć Even down to what cup Arran uses we could bring it in and he can use that. Everything we chatted about Arran was the main factor and we were too. The nursery clearly has great parental partnership. Which builds some seriously strong connections. Happy children, parents and staff leads to a happy and successfully run nursery. They are totally GIRFEC!!

The baby room itself looks great. A variety of different activities and resources. A lovely cosy area with a very cosie blanket. In the book corner there were a variety of books which Arran will love. I also noticed that the nursery try and encourage independence from early on. Picking their meals and also their routines of getting their own food place mat out. Have their own peg and also their portfolio folders. The children can move between different activities in the room freely. I love that it’s so child led. With a bit of adult intervention mixed in.

The children get plenty opportunities to go outside. Which I also just adore. It doesn’t matter what age your child is at get them outside and experience the world around them. Just dress for the weather and if you live here in Scotland. Layer your clothing so much easier… 4 seasons in a day after all.

Arran interacted well with staff and the other children. I felt a little bit more at ease. Arran was happy so I was definitely happy. ūüôā

So today was our first visit where we left Arran. My heart was in my mouth. I just had to bite the bullet and go… (they did have my phone number) however that was not making a difference. I just felt sick and wanted to just burst out in tears. We gave over his bag and then gave over our child. He seemed to be so interested in the toys and the girls in the room. That made me feel a bit better… As I left I looked and he was busy playing. Still, walking out that front door for an hour… I felt like I was missing a limb.

Dave and I went for a coffee and then headed back round. Got to the door and heard a child screaming… (hmmm that won’t be Arran… Wait that is Arran) oh god I felt like I couldn’t breathe… My heart was pounding out my chest. I pressed the buzzer and waiting to be let in. I felt myself walking fast round the corner. I heard Dave say slow down he will be ok. However I couldn’t help it. Oh god my heart dropped. Red eyes, puffy red cheeks and a sobbing Arran….

I. Felt. Horrible.

I wanted to apologies to him for leaving him. I felt like I had broken his trust. He just looked at me. Why did you leave me?

We were reassured he was fine up until 10 minutes ago. Another child got upset and then he got a fright. Looked for us and then started to become so upset. They tried to give him his dummy, a book out his bag and he wouldn’t settle. He did cuddle in to the girls which made me happier, I’d rather he cuddle them and get some comfort.

There were so many factors to him becoming upset.

A new place, new faces, mummy and daddy weren’t there, new surroundings/sounds and he was needed a nap.

I just couldn’t help but squeeze him tight. I felt so at fault for him feeling this way. No amount of chat or advice will change how you feel as a mother when your child is upset. Believe me, I am aware of the positives that Arran will gain from nursery but at the same time it just sucks.

We had a discussion with the staff about arranging more visits for Arran. So we have one every day this week.

My anxiety is through the roof. I’m going back to work soon. I’m leaving my baby boy. I feel like I’m going to be a newbie going back to work. How on earth am I going to keep on top of everything, how am I going to remember everything, time is flying so fast, Arran is growing so fast, I’m going to miss out on so much, what if I miss his firsts?

I don’t think people understand and every mummy/daddy goes through this so differently. I must say il put my hand up and say I’m totally struggling. Don’t get me wrong there is a side of me that can’t wait to get stuck back into work.

Right, let’s see how these other visits go. I think il be needing another gin tomorrow night tomorrow is going to be repeat of today.

Let’s make memories count ‚̧

I know my time will be so precious with my little boy on weekends and holidays and I guarantee il appreciate it more.

This part of being a mum sucks so much. Nothing will prepare you for it. I’m hoping as time goes on we will get used to this transition in life… or il just be dropping and picking up an upset child forever ūüôÉ… I hope not. ūüėā


Maternity Leave Where Have You Gone?

So… 3.5 weeks until I go back to work.¬† How did it happen?


From the day I found out I was pregnant I just couldn’t wait to meet you.¬† How amazing is¬†the love you have for a scan picture, you just stare at this blurry picture.¬† I didn’t even know what I was looking at, at first… Like Rachel from friends.¬† After the screen focussed I just couldn’t believe it.¬† Wow a little tiny person.¬† How amazing is the human body!¬† Every day you got stronger and obviously had grown lots.¬† The kicks were crazy and the strong movement.¬† Like something out of Alien!! (20 week scan)

Baby Boy

There was nothing that could prepare me for pregnancy.¬† I was super sick, pelvic pain, attending a physio, emotional, peeing constantly, late preeclampsia and lets not talk about my labour.¬† I would do it all ten times over for you Arran.¬† I also got the your a first time mum chat so you don’t really know what you are talking about… I am sorry but the mum instinct starts straight away.¬† There is a reason for it and there are so many circumstances to back that up.

That feeling when you first meet your baby… WOW, I actually cannot even describe it.¬†¬†Butterflies in your tummy, the ultimate emotion.. your heart just explodes with love.¬† That moment there and then you would do absolutely anything for them.¬† You just look at them in absolute wonder.¬† I just stared at Arran constantly and kept thinking are you real? You are actually really here.¬† Also seeing your other half with your baby.¬† I felt so proud and fell in love with Dave even more when he held Arran and just looked at him with unconditional love.¬† After being settled, Arran and I had to stay the night… However Daddy wasn’t allowed…

Wait a minute, I have been awake for 3 days now and been through quite a traumatic labour and I’m alone… OH MY GOD, help me! I was assured the midwives would help me out, they were super busy and I was on my own with this precious little tiny human.¬† I was feeling exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed¬†and so scared to be left alone with him.¬† We some how managed and I was so happy to see Dave the next day.¬† We were going home… I was encouraged to stay another night for me to be monitored, but I had been in the hospital for 4 days now, I needed out and wanted to take my baby home.¬† I was not doing another night on my own.


I have never shared this picture before, think I wanted to hide it, due to my triple chins.

We had just gone through so much to get him here safely.¬† I was so weak¬†this was the first time I actually held my son. I couldn’t hold him straight away due to complications and I couldn’t physically pick my hands up. I was labouring for so long, a midwife had¬†scratched his head when she was trying to do a sweep (which didn’t need to happen), I was induced, Arran’s heart rate was low, I pushed for so long and they realised the cord was wrapped around him, so off I went to have an emergency forceps delivery and finally I got to see my little boy arrive!!¬† Arran’s heart rate had been low because the labour was long he was stressed and his cord was wrapped around his neck, tummy and arm. Finally my placenta had torn and I lost litres of blood, was¬†so sick and then all I remember is passing out.¬† The glamourous side of labour… ha!¬† I love this picture, I am proud of my little family.¬† Dave was amazing, was so supportive and helped me through it.

Home time, going in the car and flinching through every bump in the road.  Being so sore and just constantly watching Arran to make sure he was ok.  Walking through the front door and sitting on the couch watching the sleeping baby.  How surreal.  Something you have been waiting for and they are eventually here.  It becomes so real when you get home and get settled.  The next couple of weeks were a blur of love with family and visitors.  I was on a complete high.  I have no idea how we got through those first weeks on no sleep, you just do it.  Lots of teamwork too!

Then it hit me, Dave was going back to work soon.¬†Don’t get me wrong we were so lucky for him to have that time off.¬† However Arran and I were still learning about each other.¬†¬† I was so petrified, I was reduced to tears.¬† I felt I couldn’t go in the car, Arran cried every time in his car seat.¬†Which was due to problems that were rectified with a chiropractor. ¬†However the day arrived and we survived.¬† I look back now and think gosh I was being silly but I totally understand why I felt like that and it is completly normal.


You will get an overload of opinions.¬† You either be straight with people and tell them you don’t want their advice or do what¬†I had done and¬†just listened and then said thanks for their advice and we would decide what is best for us as a family.¬† I don’t think people think that oversharing their thoughts can cause you anxiety and extra worrying. Everyone gives you so much advice, then online the information is so conflicting. It just turns you into a puddle of sweaty anxiety.¬† Just go with how you feel and if you feel like its too much with everyone overloading you with chat, just be honest.

My top tips for pregnancy/Mat leave-

  • Vitamins, take them
  • Drink lots of water
  • If you feel like something isn’t right phone triage, even for advice (That’s what they are there for)
  • Try and get your feet up when you can
  • Watch out for signs of preeclampsia (fight to¬†see another midwife if they don’t listen or they make you feel uncomfortable.¬† I had all the signs of preeclampsia bar one thing and¬†my midwife¬†ignored it, which was so dangerous for Arran and I)
  • Attend antenatal classes.¬† I don’t know what I would do without my 7 girls and their beautiful babies.¬† So much support and there when you need it.¬† Not only does Arran have wee buddies for life I do too.
  • Write down your birth plan, if you are like me and you need lists then write it down… However be prepared that it may and probably will change.
  • Be open with your visitors, if you feel they have over stayed then tell them
  • Walk, walk loads.¬† I was walking 10000 steps plus a day and it certainly helped, keep me chirpy, lose a bit of baby weight and Arran slept well out in the buggy.¬† It’s amazing what fresh air can do
  • Remember its ok to feel stressed, your life has just flipped upside down in the most amazing way possible (I have had terrible days where I have given Arran to Dave as soon as he has walked in the door.. or there have been days where I have had to leave the room and breathe.¬† Being a parent certainly isn’t easy, but so rewarding
  • Most importantly, try and relax and have fun.¬† Enjoy the small moments as they mean everything and fly by



Please, please, please, remember how hard your body has worked to grow this tiny bundle of cuteness.¬† Then going through labour.¬† Your body needs time to recover and it doesn’t really get that much time to recover sleep wise.¬† So try and not expect much or to “bounce back like those celebrities, back in their size zero clothing”¬†¬†Some people might bounce back but if you don’t please don’t be too hard on yourself.¬† Speaking from experience, it is tough and there has¬†been/will¬†be¬†many¬†occasions where I have looked at myself in the mirror and hated what I see.¬† If you ever feel like this, look at your baby.¬† Look at what you have made, be proud of what you have done.¬† Any Bridesmaid fans will appreciate this picture… It made me chuckle.


It just amazes me how quickly Arran develops and grows.¬† He literally goes to bed and wakes up and he has grown even more…¬† It is just¬†crazy.¬† People say to you, life goes a million miles an hour when you have a kid¬†and I hate to say it, but they are right.¬† I remember bringing Arran home and the first night watching him like a hawk and watching him breathe.¬† Now he is 8.5 months, he¬†is babbling, crawling and has a super cheeky cheery personality.¬† The only thing he doesn’t have is teeth.. despite the amount of “teething symptoms”.¬† I am so not in a rush for Arran to grow up yet!!


All I want to say is thank you to Arran for being a super star.¬† I hope you have had loads of fun with mummy.¬† Going to baby massage, baby sensory, swimming, Makaton and playgroup.¬† We have been so busy.¬† I don’t think I realised that the time was just going so quickly.¬† I kept on thinking I had ages of maternity leave left.¬† Now it is coming to an end… I just feel super anxious and a little sad.¬† I am trying to focus on the positives, I have had such a long time off with Arran.¬† It is just difficult to “hand him over” to strangers at nursery (although its two days there and two days with family).¬† I mean you wouldn’t just walk up to a stranger in the street and hand your baby over?¬†This is what I feel like I am doing. Abandoning him, what if he cries and what if he misses me?¬†However with plenty of visits to the nursery I am hoping that Arran and I will build a relationship with the staff at the nursery.¬† It really does seem like a fantastic place for Arran to learn and be cared for.¬† I just feel sick still, even thinking about it… He is my baby boy and we have been together for all his life and I have always been there.¬† It is going to be such a hard transition, however it will be amazing for him.¬† Socialising with babies and learning new skills.¬† Forming friendships and getting used to other people instead of his mummy, daddy and family.¬† I think it will be good for me too, to get back to work and get into a routine.

When you go back to work it will probably will be hard and I have yet to experience going back full time, just the occasional keeping in touch day.¬† Please remember and I need to remember too, that just because you are a mum doesn’t mean you can’t develop your career anymore or you should be judged on the fact you have a child.¬† If you want to progress you can do it.¬† You’re priorities change when you become a mum.¬† You think you have absolutely no time before and in actual fact you had so much time.¬† I love my job, I work hard and I am determined to progress further¬†and why shouldn’t I?


I think I have probably bored you all enough now.¬† That’s been my experience I probably could have said a lot more.¬† All in all thank you to everyone who has supported me, thanks to my lovely husband Dave and thanks to Arran¬†for being so perfectly perfect to me.¬† I love you to the moon and back.¬† I cant wait to share forever with you and spend time with you during holidays and snuggling up with you at night before bed time.¬† The road ahead is going to be challenging but I wouldn’t change my life for the world.

So if you are pregnant, just had your baby, going back or back at work, don’t worry we all feel like this.¬† However if you do feel you overwhelmed and you need someone to chat too.¬† Chat to your family, friends or give me a message.¬† I am not a professional but I am a good listener and will help in any way I can.¬† If you feel it is worse then contact your doctor to chat.¬† Be honest how you feel.

Anyway, I have 24 days to go… I can’t wait to spend every minute with my little man.¬† Watching him on the monitor screen as I type…¬† God I love him so much!¬† Probably going to cry my eyes out the first day I go to work but hey, I am only human.¬† TBH have wee tears as I type out the final part… Such a sap!

mummy and me

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” Winne The Pooh ‚̧

Lets CONTINUE to make memories count ‚̧




So Arran and I have been busy learning some Makaton.  With Leanne at LeHands Dundee.  (See the bottom of my post for the link to their Facebook)

I decided to attend a baby sign Makaton class with Arran and it is fantastic.  I use Makaton at work and wanted to learn more about it.  Here is why I think Makaton would benefit you and your family.

  • Builds communication prior to speech- Early gestures begin before speech.
  • It will give your child the chance to make choices, express themselves and become more independent
  • Develops their confidence
  • Decrease frustration when trying to communicate
  • Develops listening skills and will encourage your child to focus more
  • It helps all children communicate.

Most importantly Arran enjoys the class and I love spending time with my little boy and his friends.  It is also great from me to get out and about, meet new parents and you get a chance for a cuppa and biscuit at the end.

Top Tips

  • Use lots of eye contact
  • Speak when you sign
  • Lots of repetition
  • Slow and clear signing, don’t over complicate it
  • Use the signs in every day activities such as eating, bathing, reading and singing
  • Be consistent and make sure you are signing correctly- However if your child has picked up a sign and its slightly different but they use it every day, just go with it.¬† They know what it means and if your over correct them.¬† It may discourage them and knock their confidence.
  • Enjoy it!


LeHands Classes

We have been attending the classes for 3 weeks now.  Leanne is fantastic.  So patient with everyone and super enthusiastic. Leanne welcomed us the first week and talked about Makaton.  She displayed the signs for Makaton and also spoke about personal reasons/experiences in using Makaton.  Leanne showed us the signs for the session and provided us with a booklet and information.  We have been learning some songs and also reading some books using Makaton.  Leanne has informed us how we can access more Makaton.  On the actual Makaton website, Singing Hands and obviously YouTube.  It is such a friendly class and lovely environment. I would highly recommend anyone to attend.

Where can I find out more?

You can also find many pictures on YouTube or Order books online.  I will upload some videos to my Instagram of Arran and I trying some signs soon.

Let’s make memories count ‚̧


All About Those Books

Hi everyone.¬† We have been super busy at the moment. Arran is now 7 months old, I can’t quite believe it.¬† Growing far too fast and developing his own wee personality.


Arran has been super interested in books at the moment.¬† He has been exploring them by¬†looking at the pictures, feeling the pages and of course¬†chewing on them.¬† We have recently been reading ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by¬†Julia Donaldson.¬† It is a fantastic book with a great storyline and lots of¬†colourful illustration by Lydia Monks.

Reading is important for all ages- Reading aloud can teach your baby communication, it builds vocabulary, listening, memory and introduces colours, numbers and shapes.  Use reading in every day activities, whilst on walks and even whilst you are doing your shopping.  By the time your child reaches one they have learned all the sounds needed to talk.  The more words your child is exposed too the better chance their language has for developing.

What books to read to your baby?

Any books! Books with mirrors, tactile books, cloth books, colourful books and even small to enormous books. Any reading is great for your baby.  In Scotland we are very lucky to be gifted books for our children for their first year, 1-2 years, 3 years and 5 years of age, by Bookbug who are in partnership with Scottish Book Trust.  There are also many Bookbug sessions in your area in your local library or nursery, have a look, sing some songs or get involved in activities.

Check it out here – Bookbug Information

Image result for bookbug

Tips for reading to your child ūüôā

  • Eye contact
  • Use lots of emotion
  • Props
  • Pitch your voice and read with expression
  • Make noises or sing
  • Don’t worry about finishing a book or keeping to the page, go with the flow
  • Questioning- your little one, even if they are too young to respond.¬† Ask them “Where is the ladybird?” or point out characters “Look big nut-brown hare is happy”
  • With questioning it is teaching your baby to pause, wait and respond
  • Cuddle when reading and get comfortable
  • Babies love and also learn from repetition so don’t worry if you are reading the same books.
  • Babies learn through taste and touch so let them munch or touch the books, even if you aren’t managing to read the words just identify the pictures, talk or even sing about the story or something related to the book
  • Whilst out and about talk about the books you have been reading. For example we walked past a farm today and I pointed out to Arran the animals that were in the book What the Ladybird Heard.

Image result for the more that you read the more things you will know


I am also starting a little photobook of Arran’s family and favourite things, so he can relate with familiar faces and objects.¬† We will see how it goes.

We have lots of favourite books at the moment, what are yours?

Enjoy reading everyone, let’s make memories count<3

Just a Short One

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and NY.  We had a fantastic first Christmas together- Despite a couple of bugs that decided to make an appearance.  This is just a short/quick blog about our walk today. 

On our walk, I was chatting to Arran about what we could see and hear.¬† He was observing everything as went along.¬† Dogs, trees, people and even managed to dart his eyes towards birds flying around.¬† It is really important for your child’s language to chat or sing to them as often as you can, if they babble it develops their tongue movement for when they begin to talk also developing social skills- when to talk and pause.¬† I am quite a chatterbox so¬†talking comes easily to me, I will chat about anything… I’m afraid Arran has already¬†picked that up. (poor lad)¬† Throughout our walk he was babbling away and we were conversing and answering each other.¬†

Arran was looking up at the sky- there was lots for him to see.  Tree branches, birds, clouds and the odd leaf falling off the trees.  I thought to myself it must be amazing seeing everything from his point of view.  So I took a short video of what he was looking at.

Nature Through Arran’s Eyes

There were lots of noises, even me breathing out my bottom pushing Arran up this big hill.  He was chatting away whilst going up this hill and observing absolutely everything.  It is nice to see what he sees, he seemed really happy.  It would of been interested to know what he was thinking and feeling.  Seeing all these big dark shadows and branches.  Birds flying around and new noises around him.  If your child seems uncertain, just chat to them or sing and show lots of smiles.  There is nothing more comforting than a mothers smile to a child or cuddles of course.

Arran then fell asleep shortly into our walk… So I popped some music on and enjoyed some peace.¬† As a parent is it really important to get a little time to yourself when you can.¬† DO NOT feel guilty, you work hard.. So take 10 minutes to yourself or even 2 minutes just to close your eyes and breathe ūüôā

From Their Point of View

Since we are talking about looking at things from their POV-

Just a tip when moving things around at home, nursery or if you were setting up a new play area like we have done recently.  Get down to their level.  Is it inviting? What can they see? It does really make a difference.

Arran is in his SpongeBob sleepsuit, showing off his new play area.


I tried to make sure Arran’ toys were accessible to him and that it was inviting for him.¬† Safety too, plenty of cushions as he isn’t steady sitting yet.¬† I can’t wait to watch his play area¬†develop as he continues to grow.¬† Also don’t get me wrong most of his toys do not stay here, as he is beginning to roll around his toys are spotted all over the living room floor.

Told you it was a short one ūüôā

Until next time.

Let’s make memories count ‚̧

Get Outside You!

As we approach the colder months, it is¬†imperative that you encourage your children to get out in¬†all weathers.¬† It is often we hear/see “Oh it’s too cold to go out” or “It’s¬†raining you can’t go out in that”.¬† Our skin is totally waterproof ūüôā

There are so many learning opportunities in winter

  • Winter walks
    • Developing their language, chat about what you see
    • Encouraging¬†them to feel trees, frozen/crunchy leaves or even just feel the cold air on their face
    • If in a buggy/pram lay them flat to look at the shadows or the patterns in the¬†trees/clouds
    • Just let them observe and watch their surroundings
    • Collect some natural items on your walk
    • Cut out the centre of a paper plate and give it to older children it develops their concentration and is also just a bit of fun
    • Explore the ice/snow outside with older children/toddlers, discuss the sounds of the ice and what it feels like.¬† Questioning is a fantastic opportunity here, what is ice, their properties and simple questions what do we use ice for etc.
    • Talk about the weather and seasons
    • If you are lucky enough to get snow… GO SLEDGING. Get developing their gross motor skills.
  • Ice play
    • Give them ice cubes to feel or taste. Please put in some water (I’m sure you don’t want ice cubes stuck to their wee lips) ūüė¶
    • Or mix ice cubes with paint and let them feel and watch the colours mix
    • This will encourage their fine motor skills
    • Painting in the snow is also fun, especially with spray bottlessnowpaint
  • Sensory Play
    • Whilst out on your walk hopefully you found lots of wintery items
    • If you let your little one feel crunchy/icy leaves (with LOTS of supervision)
    • Get little bags of winter smells (cinnamon, pine, clove and nutmeg), It will heighten their senses, they may find it overpowering so maybe just a little at a time
  • Play-dough
    • Add your natural items that you have collected
    • You can add lots of different smells, textures and colours to play-dough or provide your children with variety of materials so they can create their own concoctions
    • Create your very own recipe book
  • Lets get crafty
    • Make natural pictures with some glue, paper and the natural items you found on our walk
    • Create some transient art, no need for paper or glue just outline their picture with some twigs, long grass or whatever natural thing you can find.¬† Children show great praise when their creations are presented in a bold way
  • Just get outside!
    • Garden/park/walking
    • Chalk is a simple but useful tool, children can develop their writing and counting skills. It can be used to create games.¬† We have went on a number, letter or shape hunt in nursery which for the children who like to be active this was a fantastic way to learn
    • Climb trees
    • Get a flask of hot chocolate, have a winter picnic
    • Go on a bear hunt
    • Roast some marshmallows when you get home after your walk (I will be blogging about simple campfires and my favourite campfire treats soon

Being outdoors encourages children to risk access, it builds their immune system (no being outside doesn’t give your child a cold, it’s the bugs and germs that lurk in those soft play areas… I will be guilty of taking Arran to those when he is older).¬† Children appreciate the world around then and respect the environment more.¬† Let them enjoy the simple things on their door step.¬† “I don’t have any green spaces near me” I hear you say? I guarantee there are little areas near you.¬† Get on google maps.¬† Or even a walk in your neighbourhood, it would be fantastic.¬† Letter/number hunts (street signs or door numbers). the possibilities are endless.¬† winter leaf

Come on,¬†let’s go for a walk. The outdoors¬†isn’t just good for the kids its fantastic for you.¬† I have had many nights of no sleep with my nearly 6 month old and as soon as I get out even for a 20 minute walk.¬† I feel so much better.¬† Don’t be afraid to say hello to passers-by and just enjoy it.. come rain or shine… or ice.¬†ūüėÄ

Happy New Year when it comes everyone.¬† Hope you have a lovely time and all the best for 2018.¬† Who knows what¬†2018¬†will bring? Just enjoy every moment and make your children’s days count.¬† I certainly can’t believe Arran will be 6 months soon, it is going far too quickly.

Until next time.

Let’s make memories count ‚̧

About Me :)

Hey I’m Natalie. I qualified as an Early Years Educator in 2013.¬† I am lucky enough to love my job and I find it extremely rewarding.

I am new to blogging РTrying to find time to get my blog started whilst off on maternity leave.  So in the meantime I will probably publish activities based on my little boy Arran.

Once back at work in April, I shall hopefully still be in full swing of things with the blog then I can share my ideas and activities with my 3-5 year olds.

I love messy play, the outdoors and just general activities that let children explore and learn through play.

Arran Painting


Arran recently explored paint for the first time, he found it very tasty.  He seemed to love the feel of the paint in between his fingers. Arran is very tactile, rubbing the colours together and discovering the colours mixing.  He is beginning to concentrate for longer periods.  This activity certainly stimulated him and he appeared to find it very relaxing.  Most importantly Arran had lots of fun, giggling and touching my face and hands.

Until next time.


Lets make memories count ‚̧